PlanWimbledon is a neighbourhood planning group

PlanWimbledon is a non-profit and non-partisan organisation representing the local community, including residents, businesses, faith groups, education, arts, wellbeing, green spaces, etc.

A neighbourhood plan consists of a community-driven set of legally binding local planning rules.
With neighbourhood planning, you can impact how your Wimbledon develops, such as community space, housing, green spaces as well as building standards, materials & design.

Sustainability, Community and Prosperity are the 3 core values of PlanWimbledon.

In pursuing our mission, we will:
• Canvass the viewpoints of residents, workers and businesses, bringing common understanding and clarity of local needs and wants.
• Capture key priorities and crystalise them in the form of a neighbourhood plan which, subject to referendum, would complement the Merton Local Plan, adding detail and nuance.

Centre Court

Our Mission:

“to shape a better, more sustainable Wimbledon to enhance the lives of future generations of residents, businesses, workers and visitors“.