Have a real voice in planning Wimbledon’s future
– Vote YES for PlanWimbledon


A neighbourhood plan is drawn up by a neighbourhood forum which is a statutory body and therefore, needs to be designated by the Local Council. PlanWimbledon is seeking designation as a forum and we need your vote in the public consultation which is live now and ends on Sunday 23 May.  

Go now to for the consultation.
Don’t wait to cast your vote! The deadline is very close (23 May 2021).

You will be asked two questions:
Q1. Do you support PlanWimbledon’s application to be designated as a neighbourhood forum? VOTE YES
Q2. Do you agree with the proposed PlanWimbledon Area? VOTE YES

To support us, please vote YES, twice, namely YES to PlanWimbledon being designated as a neighbourhood forum and YES to the proposed PlanWimbledon area.

Of note: For your vote to be valid and counted by the council, you must provide your full address and email contact details.

If successful in gaining designation as a forum, we will consult with the whole community to prepare a neighbourhood plan.  The plan will then be subject to a public referendum before it comes into force.

PlanWimbledon is an opportunity for local people to have a say in how our area develops through a community-driven set of local planning rules.
We can impact many things such as community space, housing, green spaces as well as building standards, materials & design etc.

Everyone who lives or works here and cares about the future of Wimbledon is encouraged to take part. 

It is essential that local people have a say in how our area develops. A neighbourhood plan gives you a statutory (legal) say in the future planning of Wimbledon.


The proposed PlanWimbledon area encompasses everyone who has a vested interest, either emotionally or economically, in Wimbledon – people who live, work, shop, send their children to school here, etc.

Centred on Wimbledon Town, the proposed area stretches from the Village, to Wimbledon Park, South Wimbledon, Merton Park, Wimbledon Chase to North-West Wimbledon.

The proposed PlanWimbledon area is the outcome of extensive consultation throughout the area and its boundary. The proposed area encompasses residents, businesses, workers, associations, faith groups, educational establishments, and many more, who feel this is the Wimbledon they live in and belong to. 

To see a detailed map of the proposed PlanWimbledon Area, please click here.

The Locality Act of 2011 created neighbourhood planning for those areas which no longer have parish councils – nearly 3,000 localities have begun to produce neighbourhood plans since then.


To find out more about PlanWimbledon, please see our FAQ page here.

Locality, the organisation sponsored by the government to help neighbourhood forums to develop a neighbourhood plan, has published a helpful YouTube clip of what neighbourhood planning is. It is only 2 minutes long as it well worth a viewing here.