Under our constitution membership is open to:

  1. Individuals who live in the area
  2. Individuals who work in the area, whether for business carried on there, or otherwise
  3. Community organisations which operate in the area, through their duly appointed representatives
  4. Businesses, educational establishments or other entities which operate in the area, through their duly appointed representatives
  5. Individuals who are elected members of Merton Council, any part of whose area falls within the Area, who shall be ex officio members
  6. Individuals who have a material and ongoing environmental, social, cultural, or economic interest in the Area.

Organisations of residents and businesses may join and attend meetings but not vote at General Meetings. New members are very welcome and we would be particularly keen to hear from any residents association which we have not contacted directly.

Younger Wimbledonians We are especially concerned to ensure that all groups of the Wimbledon community are represented, especially the young – it is they, after all who will inherit what we leave behind. If you are in this group please use your influence to persuade your friends to join. If not, do you know someone who is – your children for instance (minimum age 18 please). Remember our ultimate goal is to make Wimbledon a better place to live in for future generations. And the last say in whether we have got it right will be yours in a referendum on our plan developed from talking to you. Stay safe and healthy to enjoy a better Wimbledon.

Our online membership application form is available here. If you wish to use a PDF form you can find that here. Once filled in the PDF form should be sent via email to (Note the form does not need to be printed – just download it, then open it with Adobe Reader). A copy of our privacy notice is here