Our Aim

The group has been established with the objective to form a recognised Neighbourhood Forum. This would prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Wimbledon area to promote the environmental, social and economic well-being of the area. It would take into account the interests of all who use Wimbledon including businesses, employees and residents.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Under legislation introduced in 2011, a Neighbourhood Plan would have legal authority governing planning decisions in the area which we see as roughly the area within a radius of 1 mile from Wimbledon town centre. Such a plan has to be developed by an approved neighbourhood forum after proper consultation with those affected. We are currently consulting on our area and aim to submit an application to become a designated forum later this year. This requires your support.

Our membership is growing rapidly but we welcome more whether you live or work in the centre or the periphery of our area, from the village to Colliers Wood, Haydons Road to Wimbledon Chase and Wimbledon Park. A map showing the draft of our plan area can be found here.

More details on becoming an individual member or a member representing business, a residents’ association or a social or religious organisation can be found here. We think Wimbledon should be a world class town serving everyone’s interests. If you agree and want to make a difference join us today.

Our latest newsletter is available here