PlanWimbledon Privacy Notice

PlanWimbledon is a data controller and can be contacted via email at

This privacy notice is issued to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and any other legislation that applies to data protection. In order to maintain a Membership list and communicate with Members, PlanWimbledon holds personal data such as names, addresses, and email addresses. This data will only be held and used for the ‘legitimate purposes’ of PlanWimbledon. This includes informing Members of the activities of the Group and analysing data for the purposes of submitting an application to become a designated Neighbourhood Forum under UK law.

In order to comply with the legal requirements of being designated a Neighbourhood Forum under UK law, the membership of PlanWimbledon must be representative of the neighbourhood area. For this purpose, PlanWimbledon may process special category personal data, for example, demographic information.

The ‘lawful basis’ for this data processing is the ‘explicit consent’ of the member in question. This data will be held for as long as an individual is a member of the Group or until consent is removed. Membership of the Group is not conditional on supplying special categories of personal data. This information is accessible only by relevant Members of PlanWimbledon’s Steering Committee and any data processor (IT volunteer, company or software) assisting with the sending out of email bulletins or maintaining a Membership database.

By being a Member of the Group you authorise the Group to use your data in this way. This data will be held for as long as an individual is a member of the Group or until consent is explicitly withheld. We will not sell your personal data. We will not share any data with third parties except as outlined above or so far as necessary to comply with legal requirements. Anonymised demographic data may be shared insofar as necessary to be legally designated a Neighbourhood Forum. You have legal rights over any of your personal data that we hold, such as rights of access, erasure and rectification. There is more information on your rights within the ICO Guide to Individual Rights under GDPR