Why does Wimbledon need a Neighbourhood Plan?

Wimbledon is changing rapidly.

It has been identified as an opportunity area for development in the London Plan published by the Mayor of London.

The anticipated rate of change is reflected in the new Local Plan produced by the Borough of Merton, currently out for public consultation.

The high street retail environment, already affected by increased online shopping habits has now has been hit by lockdown.

A consequence of the global pandemic and necessary limitations on socialising has given hospitality sector a battering as well as the performing arts and evening economy generally.

We are facing a climate emergency requiring urgent action.

Recession…. which is likely to get worse before it gets better.

The new power for communities to create neighbourhood plans gives us a chance to come together as a community in successfully shaping the Wimbledon we all want for the future. Such a plan, prepared by the people of Wimbledon through a democratic process, will give statutory weight to our vision of a sustainable neighbourhood.

The Localism Act 2011 ensures that our plan’s policies, if successfully approved at a referendum, will be applied as part of the legal framework used in deciding whether a planning application is approved, rejected or modified. Working together to prepare a neighbourhood plan for Wimbledon is an opportunity we can not afford to miss, especially in the context of a world threatened by the urgent issue of climate change.